Airtel Operamini HUI trick with new facebook host

Sunday, May 11, 2014
Airtel Operamini HUI trick with new host but Airtel is blocking all tricks day by day and blocking all hosts.So today i am sharing a Airtel Operamini HUI trick which is based on Facebook host as we know that Airtel offers Facebook in 16 Languages and it is tricked with Backquery to make it working...So lets check how its working.. Features of Airtel Backquery Trick For OperaMini * Used with default APN : * Based on Backquery and RealHost Proxy Type * It supports hi-speed browsing and downloading * Supports HTTP and HTTPS protocol Lets find out How it Works >>

\First of all download OperaMini handler for Android and java mobiles if you dont have otherwise skip this step.
Download OperaMini HUI for Android and Java >>
Works with default APN , No other proxy or port required. >>
After that install downloaded Operamini on your mobile and apply following settings...
 * Backquery :
 * Select Proxy type as : RealHost :
 Just save the settings and enjoy free browsing and downloading... plz do comment here is their is any problem occurs..

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