Qadabra – A Self-Serve Ad Platform Review

Monday, July 1, 2013

Qadabra – A Self-Serve Ad Platform

There are many self-serve ad platforms to choose from; among the top
AdSense alternatives is Qadabra .  Qadabra is a self-serve ad platform
designed for publishers all over the world looking to make revenue from their
website traffic.

Best things about Qadabra platform :

1$ minimum payout
No minimum impression volume
State-of-the-art optimization algorithm
Immediate extraction and implementation of ad-code
straightforward, user-friendly interface
Several type of banner ad sizes, pop-ups and pop-under ads with great cpm
Ad fill in all geographic locations
Rich media creative
Live and historical reporting
Dedicated 24/7 support

Payment method variety:

Qadabra offers a variety of payment methods in order for publishers to choose
the best, most convenient way to receive their earnings (e.g. PayPal, wire
transfer, Payoneer and prepaid MasterCard)

Dedicated Support:

At Qadabra, you’ll always have someone to talk to. The support team is
available 24/7 to solve or help with any questions/issues.

No minimums

Qadabra’ minimum payout threshold is $1. Additionally, require no minimum
impressions volume. Of course, the higher volumes, the higher the revenues.

Performance based

Sites/blogs do not require content rich sites to be approved or make money off
their sites. At Qadabra, priority is high performance and sky-high results.

Type of Ads

Qadabra provides following industry standard banners
1. 728x90
2. 468x60
3. 160x600
4. 120x600
5. 300x250
6. Pop-up/ Pop-under

Google Adsense Vs Qadabra Compatibility

As they mentioned in their website Publishers can display Google AdSense ads
along with Qadabra! Ads, provided the ads do not look similar in any way and
they are not contextual ads, only banner type ads.

Overall Qadabra is a very good self-serve ad platform for beginners and professionals also. Visit for more details.

Sign up with Qadabra now and start making a lot of money online.

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