Airtel 3G Front Query Trick For OperaMini HUI (June July 2013)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Airtel 3G Front Query Trick For OperaMini HUI
(Downloading Support)

hii friends, m back again with the working Front Query Trick for Airtel, As we
know in most of the states HTTP trick are blocked by airtel,but don't worry
GPRSBOX always with you with the latest working trick.With this front query
trick you'll be able to browse as well as download via your OperaMini.

Features Of Opera Mini HUI Front Query Trick

* Supports Hi Speed downloading with Front Query
* Can be used with default Apn :
* Can be use at Zero balance
* HTTP and HTTPS Protocol supported
* Tested in Up East(Confirmed)
Let see how to configure in Operamini HUI
* First of all Create new profile with the following settings :
Proxy IP:
Port : 80
* After That download OperaMIni HUI for Android And JAvA

Download OperaMini For Android and Java

* After installing operamini hui put the following settings in it..
>>Front Query :
Select Proxy Type as REAL HOST
>>Proxy Server :
Just save the settings and enjoy the free world of Airtel 3G again.

Note: This settings is tweaked with airtel live proxy their is less chance of
blocking sim but i always advised to avoid downloading of huge file at please
pause and resume after a certain downloads.

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