Vodafone 3G gprs trick november 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Latest Vodafone 3G Hacked
Downloading @ 350-500 kbps
Latest Vodafone
3G Hacked
November 2012
Downloading @
350-500 kbps
Its lucky month for vodafone lovers , this my second post
on vodafone in this month, you can read previous post on
vodafone from here . The best part of this trick is that it is
working in Zero balance so atleast you must try this
trick.First  you need to activate 3G on your voda sim if
already 3G activated on your sim then avoid this step. You
can activate 3G by sending ACT 3G on 144 . 3G will be
activated on your sim within 4 hrs a confirmation message
is received on your phone.
Make profile with these settings:
APN : www
You can use default ApN : www and then connect internet .
Keep balance Zero.
Then open Mozilla firefox and goto the
In Manual Proxy Configuration put this proxy
and in Port put 80 and save the settings.
Now goto the address bar open this proxy  a
proxy site will be open and you will be browse and
download freely at Zero balance at the speed of 350 - 500
Settings for downloading from Internet
Download Manager(IDM)
Goto the Downloads>Options>Proxy/Socks
Tick on Use proxy and Put this proxy with
port 80 and you will be able to download at blasting speed

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